Balloon Sculptor

127 x 97cms  2006

Proceeds of Sale

The balloon sculptor was in Rundle Mall, in front of the David Jones complex, with the escalator behind him, and it was only those two elements, plus the cherubs, that I wanted to use, so, I took another trip to Adelaide, and photographed ceilings, malls, the lute(?) player and, as an afterthought, the hoarding in front of a building site. Then I found a wallful of ripped posters in Port Adelaide and it all started to come together. I used Marilyn Manson, from his Smells Like Children CD because of his position and expression.

I confess that I copied the cherubs from Alexandre Cabanel's La Naissance de Venus.


There are more notes on the ripped canvas on the Compare Use of Ripped Canvas Page.

Balloon Sculptor