Bull Rider

91 x 106 cms  2002

Proceeds of Sale

One problem of living out in the country is that I get stale so, to kick-start the creative process I drove over to the Marrabel Rodeo and discovered just how difficult it is to take good live photos from the sidelines with a very ordinary camera.

This bull was the only image that was strong enough to use but, as the people were every bit as interesting as the animals, I was able to build a composition around them with these very blokey, laid-back characters (who were nearly ALL wearing blue shirts!) and those lovely structural rails. There is quite a lot of fairground going on the background, too.

Fortunately, the day also yielded the fabulous livestock truck that I used in Fence Truck and Joggers, the Vampire Child, etc and the child on the pony who appears in Photos $2.

Bull Rider