Busker and U2 Poster 

56 x 66 cms 2005

Proceeds of Sale

Having photographed this busker in Rundle Mall, by chance, in front of the U2 poster, I found the image so compelling that I decided to do the painting. I have to do a colourful one every so often. I get very stale, painting brown paddocks.

The actual poster was on the wall of the Muses record store and the pavement went off into the distance, filled with people's legs and feet. I shut it with the doors, which are, in fact, in an alleyway alongside the old Harris Scarfe.

The standing figure was added right at the end, as a purely compositional element. He is extremely useful to block off the side of a picture, with the curve of his arm and the scratch down it.

In 2008, I finally saw the busker again and sent him an image of the painting. He was still wearing the same jacket but playing a guitar, beautifully.

**** There are more notes on the arm on the 'Compare Use of Arm' Page.

Busker and U2 Poster