Butterflies and Alligators

106 x 122 cms  2002

Proceeds of Sale

Row after row of cases of these dusty, lopsided butterflies and the lolly/toy dispensers were on the wall of a small zoo of alligators, native animals, etc attached to a Murray Bridge Hotel.

They got stuck in my head and I played around with the idea of them for a long while before they finally settled down into the painting. I smashed the glass, covered the walls in graffiti, filled the plastic bubbles with toy soldiers and stood the unpleasant man in the middle because it was that sort of time, with John Howard making impossibly wrong statements about pre-emptive strikes and inevitable war and knowing that it would happen in the midst of a terrible apathy.

** There are more notes on the arm on the 'Compare Use of Arm' Page.

Butterflies and Alligators