Carousel No 2

96 x 112 cms  2004

Proceeds of Sale

I like using a composition where all the weight is at the base, hung on slender verticals and I wanted to use the carousel again. I also wanted to return to a photograph taken near the Grange Kiosk in S Australia. (The main paintings from those photos are Teatime in Gallery 1998 -1999 and Lamp Posts at Grange in Gallery 1999 - 2000), and to use my favourite sky.

It all seemed so simple and enjoyable, but the mongrel just would not balance until I added the Mormons (imagine it without them). It was due for a show and finally got finished the day before it had to be packed.

** There are more notes and a photograph of the carousel on the 'Compare Carousel' Page and more notes on the Mormons on the 'Compare Use of Mormons' Page.

Carousel No 2