Cars, Iron and Oil Drums

137 x 137cms  2006

Proceeds of Sale

AAA Motor Wreckers of Murray Bridge now have a small paddock for anyone to dump scrap iron. It is stupendous. The first time I saw it a heap of cars had been flung together, probably with the grabbing arm of the Hydraulic Excavator, creating this strong and immensely sculptural image.

But, in between the cars was a tangle of unrealisable chicken wire, iron and gates which eventually became oil drums as they describe space so well. Also, there was a big white freezer jammed into the front seat of the back car, and I included to to start with but could just hear people saying, 'oh, look, it's a freezer,' and tittering, so that had to go.

I had not expected it to be easy but it became hugely difficult, fitting all the elements together for the weight to be properly supported and it was all so terribly brown and grey, but I plodded on and eventually came out the other end of it.

Every bloke who sees it spends the next ten minutes discussing makes of cars.

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Cars Iron and Oil Drums No 1