Cars, Iron and Oil Drums No 2

107 x 122cms  2006

Proceeds of Sale

A painting is (for me) a long process of problem solving, getting all the images to fit together and appear to be, not only what they are, but also situated in the right space on the picture plane. Then, having resolved all that, there's the overall feel of the painting itself to get right.   (That's when the sky generally gets changed). But when it's finally 'finished', the drive and angst goes away and I can forget all about it.  This, however, was such a complex subject to paint that, no sooner had I finished the first one, than I needed to do it again.

The figure is not to scale. If you mentally fit him into the drivers seat of the car behind, he would disappear under the dashboard, but, if he had been his proper size, he would have been so huge that the cars would have appeared to be as small as they really are.


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Cars Iron and Oil Drums No 2