122 x 106 cms  1994

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This is a road junction on the way to Goolwa, and has a lot of firsts. I had used a thin glaze over thickly textured paint to create the effect of old, rotten posts in Fence 1 but I carried it a lot further in this one, and also began working on grass texture using a sharpened brush handle, glazed over, scraped back again and glazed over again and again. Then there were the road signs and Stobie poles, so useful as compositional devices to direct the eye.

What is not apparent from these paintings is how long they took. At least three months each. There is a criticism of paintings being 'overworked' but I know that, having re-examined every square centimeter, each element finally becomes fixed in place, and the end result is finite and  immovable.

There is a comparison of my development in painting the Mount Lofty Ranges on the Compare Hills Page.