Portrait of a Dead Cat No 1

77 x 92 cms  1997


While we were living down the end of a dirt road at Currency Creek, SA, we had a German Shepherd called Dillon. He also appears in 'Interior with Dog', 'Interior with Oranges', 'The Nude in Art' and 'Ken and Brian'. One day, we were strolling down this dirt road with Dillon, when he took off after a cat, killed it, and sheepishly  brought it back to us, not knowing quite what to do with it. Nor did we. Anyway, when we said, "drop it," he obediently did so, right in the middle of the road, so I went home, got my camera, came back and photographed it.

The horse in the background of the first photo is Cooper, my lovely chestnut quarter horse, who also died.

Dead Cat No 1