Excavator and Oildrums

112 x 137 cms 2010

Proceeds of Sale

This was a commissioned work, for a pile of oildrums, and I added the excavator which I had photographed more recently than the previous version, now with the grabber, hanging. What a magnificent thing it is! The weight and grace of the beast.

Then, driving up to Blinman, just past Eudunda, I came across piles and piles of oildrums, all grey steel, so they went in, changed into the sort of rusted, battered oildrums we have here in the paddock. The black dog defined the space beneath the excavator and added to its weight.

The hills are from the Flinders Ranges, as is the tree. The snarling dog sign, tacked onto the cabin to cover a broken window (instead of the existing sheet of blank, grey aluminium) came from the internet.

Those caterpillar tracks are very, very difficult.

**There are more notes on the dog on the Compare Use of Dog Page.

Excavator and Oildrums