Fence 1

122 x 106 cms  1993

Proceeds of Sale

In 1993 we moved from Mount Compass to 100 acres at Currency Creek, near Goolwa, SA. This piece was derived from a corner of our paddock but the posts were pushed further and further to the left and right, until the composition suddenly came into balance and paused.  I have described the motivation for it in the 'Fences' Page.

Throughout all this period I had been painting all morning and then putting in an afternoon at the office, which was in Mount Compass, a very small country town. Although we were well known in the community I avoided talking about painting, but I did hang Urban Street in my husband's office and this one in reception, behind my head. One day, the local 'artist' came in and said, "Ah, I see you've been studying under Jeffrey Smart," and I very nearly killed him. I had, incidentally, never heard of JS at that time and had avoided going to exhibitions or looking at 'Art' in any form for the previous 22 years. I had hoped to start again with a clean brain.

Fence No 1