Fence and Two Figures

102 x 122 cms 2005

Proceeds of Sale

This is the view from the top of our barley paddock, across the hills, during an approaching storm.

The fence is, of course, symbolic of all sorts of things, but the reason I used it was that I had wanted to do that particular fence for a while and whenever I visualised the work, there it was, right smack in front. The original fence is alongside a disused railway line where someone had banged these old droppers arbitrarily into the hard ground, then strung barbed wire along them. I had intended to also use the slackness of the wire, but when I finally got to it, right at the end of the painting, slack, droopy things just didn't fit.

**There are more notes on the fence on the Compare Fences Page and there is a comparison of my development in painting the Mount Lofty Ranges on the Compare Hills Page.

Fence and Two Figures