Fence with Baler Twine

106 x 93 cms  1998

Proceeds of Sale

This was my second attempt at the fence, five years after the first, which can be seen on the Fences Page and I used the same figure, but by then I had become used to tying recalcitrant fences together with baler twine (which is, for the uninitiated, a thick plastic string used to tie up bales of hay. Because you cut the string to release the hay, there is always a big thick knot left.) I had also spent a great many more hours manipulating hard, painful and rusty wire so was more able to draw tight but functional lines all over the canvas, effectively tying the whole thing together.

Baler twine is, of course, used for all sorts of things when it's not left lying in the dirt and, back then, it was always either black or a rusty red. But the black disappeared into the dirt to be subsequently eaten by cows so now it is no longer black but a particularly nice vibrant pink, or pale blue, etc.

This was the second painting bought by Country Arts SA.

Fence and Baler Twine