Fence and Fairground

137 x 122 cms  2004

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The fence again, but with the compositionally very strong post being fragile and hollow, creating a disturbing visual tension, whilst heaving your eye to the right, away from the jollity of the fairground and led also by the scrubby, distorted trees.

They are real trees, close to a railway crossing on the Currency Creek to Goolwa road. I first used them in 'Goolwa Road' in Gallery 1994 - 1995 and went back to photograph them again in 2004. They'd hardly changed at all.

This was the first time I used the base of the nearby hills as they meet the barley paddocks on the flat plain. The hills are, in fact, eroded glacial dunes and the biggest problem is that they can easily look like big elephant toes. You can just hear the interpreters going, "wow, hills 'like' giant feet,' but hills must only be 'like' hills.

** There are more notes on the fence on the Compare  Fences Page and there is a comparison of my development in painting the Mount Lofty Ranges on the Compare Hills Page.

Fence and Fairground