Fence Truck and Joggers

122 x 106 cms  2001

Proceeds of Sale

A new 'fence' composition utilised a livestock truck from the Marrabel rodeo, with an unusual (and uncomfortable) length beyond the back axle, topped by the light linear perspective of the steel cage.

Having been invited to photograph camels, I met Regal, and used his head to lift the composition up to the left but direct your eye to the right. Balancing the weight of the truck is the blank purposelessness of joggers.

The composition is tied together with the ever-useful, diagonally braced farm gate; then  lifted and stopped by the Stobie pole.

The nothing word is the end of a real name in the phone book.

** There are more notes on the truck on the 'Trucks' Page, on the fence on the 'Compare Fences' Page and on the joggers on the 'Compare Joggers' Page.

Fence, Truck and Joggers