Fence and a Memory of Two Girls

112 x 137 cms 2010

Proceeds of Sale

This was also a commissioned work, for a fence, flat brown mud, a colourful sky and trees, and once the trees had been established, that wrecked car that has already appeared several times lurked perfectly.

This is the first painting I have done since we moved to Appila, where there are piles of old wire, with some short twisted lengths, one of which I used as the scribbled, difficult barrier to the land behind.

The sky is partly the same one I used in Shorn Sheep No 1 but over the intervening years, my brushwork has become much freer.

The two girls, daughters of the purchaser, are faded back to almost transparency so they will always be a memory of themselves as they were, that year.

**There are more notes on the mud in Compare Use of Mud, of the wrecked car in the Wreckers page and the fence in the Fences page.

Fence and a Memory of Two Girls