97 x 112 cms  2005

Proceeds of Sale

The gates were also at AAA Motor Wreckers, at the entry to the paddockful of scrap. The iron, etc at the bottom of them is to keep the guard dogs in. I'm sure there must be an undiscovered sculptor working there, who made these gates, the Hydraulic Excavator and piled everything together for Cars, Iron and Oil Drums.The place is tense with visual excitement.

A lump of unidentifiable car got changed into the log, however, and the gates were much more dented and battered, but painted as they were they just looked like spaghetti. Straightened up they became the barrier that I had experienced and for the same reason, chain-link wire got transformed into weldmesh.

The bunting added note of cheerfulness as well as reinforcing the barrier but the balloons which I have so often seen tied to gates were an invitation to go through to some non-existent celebration.