Interior with Gold Roses

83 x 92 cms  2000

Proceeds of Sale

For a while I had an obsession about painting gold roses. Here they are.

The interior is a house on acres that we bought at Punthari, near Mannum. Having moved further north into South Australia, the trees (away from the creeks) were far less substantial. The fences were also older and designed for sheep rather than cattle. Farms were very obviously less prosperous than in the grain and wine areas of the south. Crops failed. Behind the scribble of spindly trees and unravelling fences the colours were completely different - earthy red ochres and the soft golden silver of ripe barley.

Possibly because of the close-cropping  sheep and the dryness (250 ml rainfall per annum) there were few summer weeds which, further south, always cast an unpleasant greyish green across the landscape.

This was the first painting I did in that house. Subsequently the new landscape influenced the majority of my work.

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Interior with Gold Roses