Graffiti at Strathalbyn

97 x 112 cms  2003

Proceeds of Sale

I saw this notice inside a loo door and, as I wanted to use exactly that notice, with those words in that ink, I went back with my camera, tripod and lights and photographed it. I had to use the socket for the hand dryer for power and, yes, someone did come in while there were cables all over the floor and I was shut inside the cubicle with lights blazing. A swift splash and sounds of rapidly departing feet.

The handbag is a compositional device, chosen, after a lot of searching, for its hanging weight  .  It is difficult to see in the photograph, but the door is thickly painted, with further graffiti (from the SA town of Mount Compass) scratched into it.

I frequently return to graffiti because it is real.

Graffiti at Strathalbyn