Scarecrow Wearing a Green Shirt

138 x 112 cms  2001

Proceeds of Sale

Every year South Australia has the SALA week (SA Living Artists), and Art images wanted me to do two. This is one of them.

I had wanted to attempt the Scarecrow painting again, with the scarecrow looser, windblown and paler. Having hunted through op shops for the $6 trousers, which I then slashed, the best shirt I could find was a new one my husband had just bought. Having pinned the strips of torn sheet to it I painted it blown by a big fan. I did not soak it in blood.

I attached the plastic bag right at the end, having left the head blank for most of the painting, then added the leaning figure which is purely a compositional (though deliberately indifferent) device.

The hills behind, as in the first 'Vineyard Scarecrow', are a view from Crows Nest Road, above Victor Harbor.

**There are more notes on the Scarecrow on the Compare Scarecrows Page.

Scarecrow Wearing a Green Shirt