Horse Truck

91 x 76cms 2006

Proceeds of Sale

I came across this truck disappearing into the distance while my camera slowly turned itself on, but fortunately the photo, slightly askew, was legible enough to establish the tailgate's

construction, so I added it to some roadside potato signs I had been wanting   to use for a long time.

Many years ago, however, a gallerist said that he disliked the use of text in an image - it draws your eye and dominates the composition and he was quite right. Eventually I had to delete all the signs but the $1.20, and also faded the number plate right down. But, without a strong sign in the foreground the whole thing died until I remembered the beacon from Bridge in Gallery 1999 - 2000 - then threw in a crow because I really like them.

Then I decided that by keeping on using the same old images I'd be in pretty good company, so I added the Mormon and it was finished.

**There are more notes on trucks on the Compare Trucks Page and more notes on the Mormons on the Compare Use of Mormons Page.

Horse Truck