Joggers No 1

122 x 106 cms  1995


I got this idea into my head about new houses when they're at the gyprocked stage and everything is a pale grey, so I went to a housing development, took copious photos and did this painting with its frieze of joggers, also pale grey. There is more about them on the Compare Joggers Page. I am currently planning doing it again.

It was the last painting I did before my first show, at Country Arts SA's NewLand Gallery, in Port Adelaide. I had sent in a submission of transparencies and they showed the work almost straight away. It was just like pushing a on door and finding it was open all the time.

But the show was not a financial success - I only sold the Still Life with Bottle and Glass. It was, however, excellent preparation for the years to come. The excitement, delivering the work, dressing up for the opening and then just standing there while nothing got sold and then everyone went home again. Then the weeks passing and going to pick it all up again. No feedback, no phone calls, absolutely nothing. The staff said, oh everyone loved your work, but they didn't tell ME!!

**There are more notes on the joggers on the 'Compare Joggers' Page