Kitchen Window

76 x 101 cms  1995

Proceeds of Sale

During 1995 I was selected for a South Australian travelling show for which I had to produce 4 works to the theme of 'perceptions/distance'.

It has become my unfortunate experience that I do not work well to a theme. The energy of the painting is restricted by the imposition of a 'made up' idea onto it, but I did my best, returning in this one to the twisted perspective I had used earlier in Male Nude 1 and the suburbia of Interior with Oranges.

The footballer arrived late in the piece - the painting had by that time become dynamic and it needed a burst of energy coming out of the corner, but something that one could accept as 'real' (i.e. a picture on a wall) rather than 'surreal' (i.e. Magritte's train coming out of a fireplace).

The lettuce arrived in accordance with the same dynamic, but sometimes I imposed an object on a painting, thinking it was right and when it wasn't, found I'd wasted days of work. Now, I photograph the painting, load it into Photoshop, photograph the possible addition and combine the two images.

Kitchen Window