Landscape c/w Gumtree & Footballer 1

122 x 106 cms  1996

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Having driven down this hill through the Mount Lofty Ranges every day on the way home from our office in Mount Compass, one day, there was the painting.

At the time, I was having problems with the concept of a painting being a 'picture' and felt the need to emphasise this by hanging it on a wall with the footballer and sign alongside, both being useful in the dynamic of the composition but producing the question, why the footballer, to which there was no answer, after which you get into the validity of images and all sorts of complications instead of just looking at the painting and accepting it for what it is.

This was the first time I worked on the bare brown hills, and began the long slow process of developing the right technique.

I did the painting again several years later. The difference between the two can be seen here.
**There is also a comparison of my development in painting the Mount Lofty Ranges on the Compare Hills Page.

Landscape with Gumtree and Footballer No 1