Landscape with Farm Gate

94 x 86 cms  1998

Proceeds of Sale

This painting was done with the intention of entering it for the inaugural  Fleurieu Landscape prize but it was hung in the Adelaide Greenhill Gallery first and was sold immediately.

There is a photograph of the original quagmire on the Compare Mud Page. The randomly complex barrier of the gate, plus more baler twine, belonged to a neighbour.

The figure had appeared propping up a lamp post right in the foreground of a set of photographs taken outside a Centrelink office. He has been used twice more, for the arrogance of his jutting bum. His feet appear in  Empty Wheel Arch, painted in 2004.

He is leaning against a South Australian Stobie pole, visually strong electricity poles made from concrete sandwiched in steel.

Landscape with Farm Gate