Log Pile and Dummy

107 x 122 cms 2005

Proceeds of Sale

There were six or more piles of logs scattered across paddocks at a village called Charleston, SA, the debris abandoned by a group clearing an invasive species of tree from a nearby river.  Amongst the many photos I took,  only this one, from this aspect, had the power which had made me stop and keep going back.

The actual logs had an ugly bark, difficult to paint effectively, so I filled the studio with branches, photos of River Red gums and a fallen Mallee gum tree, though native flora could not have been so wantonly hacked down and piled up.

Having made the dummy, I hesitated about using it - it went in quite late. As a UK migrant, I am familiar with the concept of a dummy on a bonfire, from Guy Fawkes Night, but once it was included I realised  that the Guy Fawkes reference was irrelevant anyway.

Also, I had intended to use several crows in the foreground, but the scale made them too small to have sufficient compositional weight, and the inevitable solution was the dog again.

**There are more notes on the dog on the Compare Use of Black Dog Page.

Logpile and Dummy