Male Nude No 1 

91 x 76 cms  1991

The third painting went back to themes I had followed whilst at college - an interior with a distorted perspective,  flapping curtains, heavy shadows, etc, but I started to use the flexibility of oil paint more effectively, and made a more determined effort on the background trees (seen from my studio window).

Nobody liked this painting, however, and this was the beginning of the conflict between painting something for praise and encouragement and following 'the muse'. It is very difficult to maintain the strength required to push the boundaries against  commercial galleries wishing I would do something 'nicer', preferably a landscape. They all told me I was free to do what I wanted, not influenced by them, heaven forbid.....but.

The most annoying aspect of all this is that, if I had just repeated  'good' ones over and over again, I never would have painted the trucks or the scarecrows, both of which subjects were initially viewed with horror.

I revisited the idea several years later with Male Nude No 2

Male Nude No 1