One Clown, Laughing

46 x 56 cms  2000


During all this time I had been having problems with creating a painting as a 'picture', all on its own in a nice frame. I found it necessary to make a visual comment to emphasise the duality of the 'picture' being both a painting and a piece of painted canvas. One of the devices (tricks!!) that I used was to split the canvas, revealing the void behind.

For what it's worth, I think this was the most successful. I used the laughing clown as it is, essentially (and not symbolically) the facade to a void, the glitzy cherub also being a substitute for fake religion, and the teddy bears have always only offered the pretence of some commercialised comfort.

**There are more notes on the ripped canvas on the Compare Use of Ripped Canvas Page and more notes on the clown on the Compare Clowns Page.

One Clown Laughing