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138 x 122 cms  2001

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Like many other artists I decided to enter the Archibald Prize so I painted a self-portrait. Needless to say, it came back, and as the part of it I was most unhappy with was me, I obliterated myself and added the landscape behind, reminiscent of those big canvases I'd seen at fairgrounds as a child, with a hole for your face to be photographed through.

I had made a special trip to the Royal Show for material for the painting, and found the wonderful drag queen on stilts, who posed straight at me and my camera. The sinister arm (such a useful compositional device!) had already appeared in Laughing Clowns in Gallery 1999-2000, and appears again in Butterflies and Alligators in Gallery 2001-2002. This was, however, the first time I used the clown stencil. The old lady by the caravan crops up again in Party No 2 in Gallery 2001-2002.

**There are more notes on the arm on the 'Compare Use of Arm' Page.

Photos $2