Chain and Glove

Height 106 cm  2009

Proceeds of Sale

I found the glove by the side of the road about 6 years ago, a great, dirty, heavy thing, and kept it safely until I came across the chain amongst a pile of similarly interesting chains in a second-hand shop. The two fit naturally together.

In order to turn the glove into a hand I  made a wire armature to position the fingers, then filled it with plaster of Paris. I had forgotten what horrible stuff it is, having used it a lot at college, where protective gloves had never been heard of. It clogs up the fingernails and sucks every last skerric of moisture out of the skin. Fortunately, my husband Ken now being a nurse, I have a pile of gloves, but of course they split.

I had also forgotten how long it takes to go off. Although the glove was clamped to my workbench I had to support the other side of it and pick exactly the right moment to partly bury a hanging bar and two adjustable supports (the sort of things you get on the feet of fridges, but these are felt-tipped so as not to damage the wall) so it will hang horizontally. Too early and they'd sink to the bottom of the glove - too late and I'd have to drill the plaster out. Time passed. If I'd known I would have chosen a more comfortable chair.

I left it overnight, just in case, then hung it up and thought, gosh. 

Chain and Glove