Flattened Galvo

100 x 122 cm

Proceeds of Sale

This piece of screwed up galvanised iron was part of the vanload of rubbish I collected from a scrapyard in Murray Bridge. Then I drove the van backwards and forwards over it.

There are several big panels made up of the heavily rusted mesh propped up against trees and sheds on our property. This is the sheet that Ken cut out with bolt cutters, I flattened with the van, tidied up with my new angle grinder and then painted with salt water to make the cuts  rust over quickly.

I left the galvo bare when I first attached it to the mesh, but  the shapes were flattened out in the greyness, so I painted it red instead.

The graffiti came from a shed alongside the Chain of Ponds road to Adelaide. It is as rough, crude and unselfconscious as the randomly twisted and crushed galvo.

Flattened Galvo