Post and Glove

Height 127 cm  2009

Proceeds of Sale

The post was nearly buried in some dead grass and weeds on a nature strip. There was a lot more wire, but I was driving my little car and it wouldn't go in. Fortunately I had my handy bolt cutters with me for such exciting moments as these.

I left it behind the shed in the growing pile of rubbish, thinking I might use it one day, then looked down and saw it as I have presented it. The top part of the post had rotted to loose hard fragments and it took a very long time to get all the mud and roots out of the more solid bottom half, but I learned a great deal about the best varieties of toothbrush to clean wood with. Bamboo skewers were good, too.

Then I went to Bunnings for another heavy blue glove and found this red one. Perfect, I thought, until I filled it with the plaster of Paris and it flopped around so much, slopping the plaster all over me, the wire and the glove, that I had to hold it in shape for the entire going-off time. We had people coming for dinner, too.

Then I chipped the surplus plaster off, got some hydrochloric acid and washed off the powdery residue and thought, gosh, again.

Post and Glove