Shorn Sheep

101 x 121 cm  2004

Proceeds of Sale

All the sheep are merinos, except the big sheep, which is a crossbreed with a merino head. I couldn't resist the crossbreed's body, in a yardful of nicked and bloody sheep, but only the merinos recaptured a first impression of a paddockful of semi-naked sheep.

The hills behind are a composite of real hills and rocks on the road to Murray Bridge, photographed one Christmas during the drought, when a farmer had also harrowed everything.

It was difficult to establish the spatial progression, linking the sky, road and different aspects of the hills, truck, grass and foreground, and the browns changed pretty well every day until they finally settled into place, but the composition kept falling off to the left. Then the wire went in. Try to imagine the composition without it.

**There are more notes on trucks on the Compare Trucks Page and a comparison of my development in painting the Mount Lofty Ranges on the Compare Hills Page.

Shorn Sheep No 1