Shorn Sheep 3

91 x 76 cms  2016

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This painting began from the tree trunk, the 3 steel posts and the skull. The church, based on the Pekina Lutheran Church which, although derelict, had just been smothered with white paint by a Work for the Dole crew, is entirely a compositional device. The church door was not bricked up, nor was there a crack down it but I needed it to be a blank, light shape and the line of the crack was essential.

We drove out to the Worlds End Gorge towards the end of the painting and found the rope hanging from a tree.

All the way through the painting (and it took a very long time) I experimented with figures/farm machinery/dogs in that one right-hand spot when I finally thought - sheep! Fortunately the sheep also provided me with the title.

Shorn Sheep 3