77 x 92 cms  1996

Proceeds of Sale

Sometimes I'll drive down a road and the painting is right there in front of me. I took exhaustive photos of this patch of road in an attempt to capture just that feeling of excitement I got from the high trees above and the road dropping down and away, in the process adding the puddles to anchor your eye down into the base of the composition, and the bunting to both lift it up and then trap it within all the arrows.

This was my first real attempt at including the movement of the sky within the composition - previously I had felt that area at the top of the canvas as a solid shape. It was also the beginning of a huge collection of sky photographs.

It would be good to be able to just make it all up, but skies and clouds have exactly the same structural limitations as anatomy does and to make it up presupposes an assumption that I know more about the structure of cloud formations than exists in the real world.