Tar Truck, Sign and Drystone Wall

112 x 137cms 2005

Proceeds of Sale

I came across the tar truck again in the main street of Mannum, and was able to photograph it in more detail, without sunlight. Filled with enthusiasm, I settled down to paint it, plus the drystone wall that is up in the hills nearby, but it died on me. Weeks passed, while I painted the same bit over and over again, getting darker and darker, blacker and blacker until, eventually, I abandoned it. I put it on the wall behind my easel and got on with something else.

Then we got stuck in a series of minor roadworks in Adelaide on a Sunday afternoon, littered with temporary signs, the best of which was this one. Also, I had scrabbled under a cocky gate to get to a much better series of walls and finally I got it back on the easel, obliterated the original lovely sunset, got rid of a complicated bit of landscape, scraped off an earlier sign, abandoned a second crow, dropped the horizon, lowered the wall, and finished it.

**There are more notes on trucks on the 'Compare Trucks' Page.

Tar Truck Sign and Drystone Wall