51 x 60cms 1998/2003


Painting still life is very peaceful after all the decisions and choices involved in my other work. Once it's set up I sit and paint exactly what's in front of me, and that in itself is the most excellent discipline. It forces me to look closely and carefully at 3 dimensional objects, rather than reinterpreting photographs, with the assistance of lumps of wire and wood.

I had collected our son's discarded toys from the paddock and it was like looking down into time, so I painted them. I love painting plastic things.

It needed a frame to look down through and, outside a junk shop,  I saw this cracked and weatherbeaten frame, long overlooked, but still with a $4 price tag. I intended to paint the frame onto the canvas, but it fit exactly, so I scrubbed it clean and made it part of the painting.

Toy Box