Tree Horse & Coffee Cup

56 x 66 cms  1996

Proceeds of Sale

As a student I had an obsession with the concept that a cup, chair or other object designed to be filled was, when empty, more charged with 'emptiness' than, say a knife or a telephone, which were, in their turn, charged with other attributes, such as sharpness or silence. I have mentioned this before on the Interior with Oranges Page. Additionally, a cup infers the absent person, who had been drinking from the cup. Blah, blah. I strongly suspect  this is all just so much garbage.

Anyway, having wanted to paint this tree as some thing just casually thrown onto a table, on top of another, quite arbitrary picture, on top of an elaborately patterned but otherwise inessential cloth, to emphasise the care-lessness of it all the rip was added (which was also a necessary part of the composition).

**There are more notes on the ripped canvas on the Compare Use of Ripped Canvas Page.

Tree Horse and Coffee Cup