Truck at a Road Junction

106 x 122 cms  2001

Proceeds of Sale

I was standing at the junction of Angas Street and East Terrace in Adelaide and I decided I had to paint it. All those lines across the flat centre of the junction and the traffic lights and lamp posts marking the space with the weight of the buildings and a geometric skyline, (which came from somewhere else.) Simple, straightforward, a mere exercise in perspective.

Also, I had wanted to use the gravel truck for a while. It had been in front of me at some traffic lights (much hooting from surrounding cars when I didn't get myself + camera reorganised in time) and, photographed from a car level, because of its width, it had a feeling of very oppressive weight. The stripes were good, too.

I had been asked to put together some new work for an exhibition at the Richmond Gallery and, once I had established all the compositional elements, I thought it just needed colouring-in, but it was quite ridiculously difficult resolving those few centimetres of canvas in the middle into a very long street with only a few visual clues, and getting all those little windows to look convincing. I only just got it finished in time.

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Truck at a Road Junction