Twisted Gate

112 x 137 cms 2008

Proceeds of Sale

The gate is on a long, flat stretch of road between Mannum and Meningie and I didn't change the gate at all. It was, however, hung on a steel girder which I was tempted to use - it was very strong and black with rusty bits - but I would then have been left with the problem of making it appear convincing, gates not generally being hung on steel girders. It's at this point that you realise a photograph (proving the steel girder existed and the gate was definitely hung on it) is better than a painting, but then there's Photoshop, so it could all have been made up anyway. The alternative, termite-ridden posts, came from a stockyard in the Flinders Ranges.

Recently someone said that I hadn't done a colourful sky for a while. Here's a colourful sky. It's true, they are more fun.

The crow is also fun. It's always the same crow as he's very tame now and I have lots of photos of him.

Twisted Gate